Rudkins PM Services is a project management training and consulting firm.  I provide training in a number of project management skill areas (e.g. Risk Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Communications, etc.), PMP Examination training, as well as assisting organizations in developing and improving their own project management processes (i.e. Project Office Development).


The PMP Examination Training is simply that – preparing people to write and pass PMI’s examination.  It involves assistance on filling out the application, training in all the required areas, baseline exams to understand your progress and ultimately, congratulations when you pass!  The training is carried out for organizations who wish to provide training for their staff and is usually carried out on site


Most project management skills involve a certain amount of theory and then a great deal of practical application.  My courses cover a whole range of PM topics and include some theory but focus on how to actually do the work.  The objective is to leave the course with specific tools and techniques you can use immediately in the work place.  The courses are best carried out in short chunks of time (e.g. morning or afternoon sessions) with gaps in the training schedule so that the participants can learn and apply the knowledge.  


Project Office Development is a broad name for any number of activities which can help an organization achieve their project objectives.  It can include developing a workable methodology, creating and using templates, tools for measuring success and finally, processes for continually improving your systems and results.   There should be less emphasis on software (although that can be part of the mix) and more on human and organizational understanding and development.