We’re under a bit of construction at this time as we rebuild for 2019, but feel welcome to have a look around and let me know what you think as the changes start to happen.  I’m restructuring the contents of the site to make it more useful for people who want to know more about project management, those who want to go on and pass the PMP exam, as well as a bit about my various entrepreneurial gigs.  


Over the years I have been asked numerous times for various books I recommend, papers or information on specific topics, how to study for and pass the PMP exam, courses I could offer to organizations with a specific need, etc.  As I looked around my laptop for the information it surprised even me how much information I have and how secretly it is stored :-).  Hopefully over the next year or so I will resurrect it all, post it here and hopefully it will be of use to anyone who feels like perusing.


Currently I am involved in three different businesses, all in radically different areas ranging from project management, construction through to cider!  No great link between any of them except for my interest in trying new things and the fields of project management and entrepreneurship.


Project Management – After 20 years of running my own training and consulting firm and thirty years involved in project management, I feel I have something to say and contribute to the field of project management.  That is mostly done through training (PMP) and consulting (mostly process and project office development).


Terrace Creations – Is my newest firm, focused on designing, building and installing condo balcony flooring in the Toronto area.  Started after a serendipitous meeting with Ian McRonald, it has blossomed from its first full year in business (2016).  It responds nicely to an itch that I had yet gotten a chance to scratch – a production oriented business.


Windswept Cider – Started in 2016, Windswept is an exciting venture into the relatively new craft cider industry.  Led by the owners Mark and Courtney Skinner, Windswept has already won a number of national and international awards for its fabulous line of craft apple and pear ciders.