Aging Comfortably In Your Own Home

Welcome to a world where seniors can and should age comfortably and safely in their own home! Where caregivers are supported and can feel assured that their loved ones are safe and well taken care of.

As a person ages, it just makes sense to stay as long as possible in their own home and we provide the services that allow the following to happen.

Senior home audits
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Improved quality of life. Staying close to friends and neighbours, keeping to old habits and just feeling comfortable as you age is priceless. One of the greatest fears we have is to lose our home. Why not stay in it as long as possible?

Reduced Caregiver Stress. Seniors want autonomy. Caregivers want safety. We provide ways to achieve both objectives. Through specialized home audits and a range of modifications, your loved ones can continue to live in their own home safely, securely and comfortably.

Make $60,000 to $100,000 per year. A home in Toronto appreciates in value by $30-$50,000 per year. Residential care can cost between $40-$60,000 per year. Does it not make sense to spend a few thousand per year modifying and maintaining your home to make this sort of return?