Do You Want To Start or Run Your Business Better?


Tim RudkinsSmall business start-ups are completely different than large businesses.  You, the owner and founder, have to be involved in every step.  You require skills and knowledge in all aspects of the business – many of which you have never experienced or didn’t even know existed!  You also need to do it on a limited budget while still keeping the rest of your life moving forward.  That’s where I can help. 


I’m focused on helping you start your business successfully.  I can provide advice on everything from the legal requirements to how to get and keep customers.  All the time ensuring you don’t spend one dime more than you have to and usually saving you thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary expenses or making costly mistakes.  


I’ve started and run many small businesses of my own.  I continue to start and develop new businesses all the time.  I’ve advised and mentored hundreds of small business owners.  Practical, no-nonsense advice, from someone who has been there many times before.


My approach is rooted in project management and is based on a proven business model and a planning tool.  Together, we first analyze the core elements of your business to see what might be lacking or needs improvement.  We then create a schedule of specific objectives and tasks to make it happen.  Finally, we work together on achieving your objectives and create the type of business you want for yourself.


I originally found Tim online and after carrying out a detailed background check, I met with him and chose his services out of a select group of top coaches. I am certainly very glad that I did! I needed help growing my small online business and organizing that process . Now, on the eve of my launch, I’m already seeing results – new pre-launch clients, a dozen new products and services and a growth strategy that makes sense. I will continue to work with Tim and I suggest that if you want results for your business and want to work with someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is (with just the right amount of humor and professionalism), then Tim just might be your best choice.  Dr. Paula Moore – The Posture Doctor


Stop trying to do it all yourself!  Call or email today.


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