Welcome To My World!

Rudkins.ca is a site dedicated to my various businesses – past and present.  It is also dedicated to the field of serial entrepreneurship, of which there are many devotees in the world!


Serial entrepreneurship is the continued starting and development of different businesses.  For myself, the trend seems to be that I do them as long as I find them intellectually interesting and fun to do.  They should also earn some money but history has shown that that is not always the key driver :-).  In some cases I have stopped doing very lucrative businesses because I no longer found it fun to do (i.e. Onyva International – an ERP consulting firm).  Others I have persisted in despite the fact that they continued to cost me money (e.g. Suriname Trails – travel business to support small lodges in Suriname) and only gave up when there seem to be no profitable end in sight!