Aging In Place Audit

Aging in Place Audit – $245 + HST
Includes comprehensive report and follow-up questions and discussions.

Any home should be comfortable, easy to move around in, well maintained and above all – safe! Our audits focus on all these and many other areas of the home. Finally, we provide a comprehensive report of items which you might consider to ensure safe and comfortable surroundings. Here are a few of the areas and questions where we provide answers and solutions.

General & Exterior. House number easy to see from the street? Properly lit entrance way with automatic lighting? Fire and other sensor alarms up to date and working?

Double handrails into the basement can make laundry day a lot safer!

Human flow in the house. Is the house configured correctly for ease of movement and reduction in tripping hazards? Are all surfaces non-slip? Are the doorways wide enough?

Lighting throughout. Is it the proper level of lighting and are the lights correctly placed and configured? Are the switches easily used? Emergency or safety lighting in place? Light switches at both the top and bottom of stairs?

Entrances, walkways and hallways. Proper handrails installed that are secure and easily used? Are they free from tripping hazards? No-step access is possible? Wide enough doorways for ease of movement? Contrasting colours used for ease of identification? All floor coverings correctly fastened?

Well mounted guard rails in the bathroom are a must for all ages!

Kitchen. Can the surfaces be used while sitting? Fire extinguisher and other safety devices easily accessed? Proper cupboard handles for easy gripping? Stove controls easily accessible without reaching?

Bathrooms. Step free entry into showers and tubs? Non-slip surfaces where required? Grab bars easily reached and in the proper places? Easily reached cupboards and proper handles on those cupboards? Hot water temperature is correct to prevent scalding?

Automatic hallway strip lighting makes it easier to move around at night and avoids falls.

Bedrooms. Barrier free pathways to the bathroom and other key points in the room? Bed is proper height for ease of getting in and out? Lighting is correct and properly placed? Phone and other safety devices near the bed and easily reached?

Living Rooms & Dens. Is the furniture the proper height? Are all items solid and not shaky? Clutter free or are de-cluttering options required to prevent falls? Lighting is correct?

Laundry Room & Basement. Well lit throughout? Proper handrails on each side of the stairs? Non-slip stairs with no clutter on them? Washer and dryer are the proper height? Front loading washer for ease of use?

Garage or Shed. Proper lighting to and from the area and inside? Chemicals and tools placed correctly and safely? Trash piling up resulting in a fire hazard or safety concerns?