Calculating Communications Channels In A Project

November 14th, 2018   •   no comments   

You have five people working for you on the project and need to add two more.  You realize that this will add a higher level of complexity for communicating things as well as increase gossip.  You didn’t realize that the two new people would add _____ more channels of communication to monitor.

a.  13

b.  10

c.  28

d.  15

This is a common question on the exam and it is PMI’s way of suggesting that you should understand how communication needs increase dramatically each time a new person is added to the mix.  Two new people being added to an already existing team of 6 (yes, you have to add the PM in there) does not mean just a few new channels.  In this case, you have to use the communications formula {n(n-1)}/2 where n is the number of people, to calculate what the old number of channels was (15) and the new number (28) and then subtract.

Answer is “a”

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