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How To Correctly Get Up From A Fall

As people age, they tend to fall and as we’ve discussed many times, it’s important to both exercise to avoid falls while also fall or slip proofing your home. There can be many complications from falling as well as from lying there, unable to get up (e.g. dehydration, pressure sores). As well, once a person falls, there is a tendency to become afraid of falling again, which increases the chances of falling in the future. For example, by staying in your chair all day, which results in lack of exercise, which can lead to a fall next time the person moves.

There are a number of courses starting to appear, to teach older adults how to fall properly, if it does happen. These are excellent. it is also important to know how to get up from a fall, so that you don’t aggravate the problem even more.

Here’s a short video from Care Givers on how to react once you have fallen and how to safely get back up from a fall. Useful and timely given the season of winter here in Toronto!