Modifications & Improvements

Complete handyman and maintenance services for the home.

As a person ages, certain changes or modification to the home are made to ensure it remains safe, comfortable, secure and accessible for the people living there as well as for people visiting. Through our sister firm, HSS Toronto, we can provide the following services to achieve all these objectives.

Handrails in the washroom are a simple and effective way to avoid slips and falls.

Repairs & Installations. Sometimes you just need one thing and sometimes you need a bunch of things, fixed or installed. This can range from replacing light bulbs in a hard to putting down that new floor. Some customers ask us to replace the old television and provide some training on the new service. We understand this and we offer a complete handyman service that is affordable and thorough.

Safety & Accessibility. There are many ways to make a home safer and more accessible. From simple tasks like tacking down carpets to avoid slips, to more complex like installing a chair lift or elevator. In between there are hundreds of useful changes that can be made that cost very little but make a big difference in making the home safer and more accessible for the people living there.

Regular Maintenance. Homes need maintenance and ignoring small repairs tends to result in larger repairs later on. Many of these smaller, inside repair jobs (e.g. fixing drywall damage and doing a quick paint touch up) result in a more comfortable and pleasant place to live. Outside maintenance like clearing downspouts in the fall ensures that water moves and stays away. All are useful and not so easy to do for many seniors.