Previous Businesses/Organizations


Entrepreneurs are people who start and run businesses. They do it for the joy of that particular field; to survive and pay the bills; or, they just like the thrill of the start-up. Here is a list of some of the businesses/organizations I have started in my life.  In most cases I have also posted a story about them which explains things in greater detail and provides lessons learned for other entrepreneurs.

New Lanark Consultants – 1988

One person consultancy which was started and run out of Ottawa for one year. Provided software training through local training institutions.

Bankin Raya Karkara – 1991 to 1994

Micro-finance institution developed through CARE International in Niger. Goal was to provide liquidity to small businesses in the region so that they could support the local economy.  Start-up that developed into a full lending bank for small businesses. Fourteen regional offices and thousands of successful loans.

Onyva International – 1995 to 2002

Small consultancy firm (5-10 staff) that provided implementation and integration services for ERP systems for multinational corporations. Based out of The Netherlands, the firm operated throughout Europe.

Footprints Eco-Resort -1997 to 2011

Small, ten-room resort located near Algonquin Park in Ontario. Staff of four.  Started out as a bed and breakfast which was then converted into more of a resort and then finally into a group rental property focused on group rentals for professionals, family and friends.

Eco Partner -2010 to 2011

Consultancy firm focused on providing green building solutions to home owners and multi-unit residential building owners (MURB’s).  Worked with technical partners to implement the solutions which ranged across the green building spectrum.

Green Enterprise Ontario – 2011 to 2012

A re-development of a non-profit organization (Green Enterprise Toronto) which took a locally focused institution that supported green businesses and tried to take it province wide.  The idea behind growing the organization was to provide a funding and membership base which could sustain the organization and push the green business agenda further into the province.  Worked closely with green business organizations and municipal economic development structures across the province in trying to develop an over-arching organization.

Rudkins PM Services – 2002 to 2012

One person consultancy firm specialized in project management training and consulting. Global Education Provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI), University of Toronto, Canadian Management Centre and multiple colleges and universities in Canada.  Primary focus was on developing and implementing better project management processes within profit and non-profit firms including staff training and certification.

CanChannel – 2013

Web TV channel focused on new, Canadian producers and directors. Grew out of discussions with filmmakers and other content creators who felt there was a need for a more focused Canadian channel.  Business model was based on content creators developing multiple pilots and then finding organizations who wanted to affiliate with and pay for the creation of more episodes.