Pinterest – Social Media That Makes Sense?

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Pinterest – Social Media That Makes Sense?

I’m still not very good at social media.  if you’ve been force fed these posts you will already know that of course :-)! A lot of the so-called logic behind it doesn’t always make sense and I still don’t understand why anyone would want to visit the Facebook page of an insurance dealer let alone read his tweets.  However, as the world changes so must you (and me) and considering social media in your marketing is something that should be done. 


Pinterest is intriguing to me because it does seem to be one of the social media avenues which do make sense – for a selected group of companies/industries.  Like Twitter for celebrities and LinkedIn for business professionals, the niche is there and it sort of has a logic.  I’ll simplify here but basically Pinterest is for people (mostly women and boomers right now) who have a specific interest in life that can best be satisfied through pictures.  Travel and design are two biggies which fit two of my current businesses but there are lots of others of course.  Fans of the long form essay need not apply.


I am starting to use Pinterest for my travel business (Suriname Trails) because the idea that people like to know about different places and want to see your pictures (except in a slide show that takes longer than 5 minutes!), makes sense to me.  I also want to see their pictures and understand what they’re looking for. 


My condo terrace business (Terrace Creations) is struggling a bit because it is extremely difficult, without having deep pockets for advertising, to get your message and product in front of condo owners.  The buildings are extremely hard to get into, are protected by their management companies and residents don’t really mingle and chat among themselves.  However, they are looking at their phones all day and checking out the newest design ideas for condo furniture on Pinterest.  Or so it looks like. 


So, into the world of Pinterest I go for the next 6 months or so, to see whether it does make sense for these type of visual businesses.  I’ll keep you posted on whether this part of the social media game makes sense.  I sure hope so!

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