Improved Organizational Capacity

The time and cost savings of having better project management is becoming more recognized each day, with most large businesses hiring certified project managers and putting in place strong processes and tools.  There is no reason why any organization can’t benefit as well – at a fraction of the cost. The benefits of improving your organization’s processes or skill set are simply lower costs – as projects finish on time, within scope and without blowing their budgets.

My Experience

As a former Global Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a Project Management Professional (PMP) for 20+ years, my role has been to look at how businesses implement their projects and programs (multiple projects), put in place simple and effective tools and then train the owner and staff on how to use and improve their workplace efficiency.  My former clients have included some of the largest and smallest firms in the world, with literally thousands of people the world over having benefited from my programs.  

My Approach

Simple, easy to use and little or no bureaucracy.  The greatest mistake most businesses make with project management is the over-creation of templates, tools and processes.  This costs time and money and inevitably leads to people not using the system and a return to the inefficient old times. 

I review your current processes and together we identify the goals you want to achieve.  These measurable goals are then used in the future to measure the effectiveness of the new system and to improve it over time.  These could include time and costs savings, fewer mistakes at the customer’s site, fewer accidents or simply fewer headaches per day in getting the business done.  The next step is to modify some processes and add some tools. Finally, I train you and your staff in how to use the processes/tools and most importantly, how to improve them over time.  All systems must be adaptable so that minor improvements can be made.