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Bathroom and Stairway Safety Makeover

One of our specialties and one of the jobs we called in to do all the time it to modify the bathroom area and stairways to make it safer and more comfortable for someone with mobility issues. When doing this, it doesn’t mean that you need to make it look institutional! Instead, with a little thought and following Aging-in-Place principles, you can make these areas attractive and safe. Here’s a recent consultation we did in Toronto.

Double railings are safer and with returns added at the ends and a strong, contrasting colour, you have gone a long way to lessen the chance of a fall.

Double railings. This condo already had one railing and we installed a second which is always recommended. Much more support. Notice the “returns” at the top of the railing (where the railing returns to the wall), which we had installed as well because the original railing didn’t have them. Returns make it a lot safer as clothing does not catch and the person knows when it is finishing. Also important is to paint the railing a contrasting colour. In this case, all the walls are white and by having a dark brown railing, people can see and grab it easier.

Well placed grab bars and no-slip traction strips on the shower floor increase safety while not detracting from the look.

Bathroom grab bars and no slip strips. The grab bars are a no-brainer for all shower or bath areas and in this case they are the standard nickel. However, very possible to get different coverings and looks. On the floor, after cleaning the shower area, we have put down no-slip strips in a nice pattern to give more grip. A chair allows the person to sit down and relax without worrying about slipping and an extended shower head nozzle allows them the comfort of reaching all areas of the body.

Bidets provide cleanliness with comfort and dignity.

Bidet. We’ve been installing a lot of bidets recently and they’re a great idea! This is one that heats the water as you require it, but there are ones that have pre-heated water and even just plain cold water. All work great, often have dryers in them, can wash front and back and ensure cleanliness with dignity.

There you have it. Four or five easy modifications to a house that will lessen the chances of a serious fall, all while looking good and ensuring comfort. Easily done!

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Make Your Bathroom Safe & Attractive For Seniors

Bathroom safety is extremely important as that is where a lot of accidents happen. Water everywhere, people needing to step in and out of tight spaces, etc. can lead to slips and falls which then lead to other, long-term problems. However, it doesn’t have to be this way as there are lots of ways to make your bathroom safer without making it look like a hospital facility. In short, safe and attractive! Here are some ideas.

Install some night lights or even this light up toilet seat. It guides the way without eliminating night vision!

Night lights. Simple, attractive and easy to install. Every bathroom should have one to allow people to see clearly once in there, but also to find their way from the bedroom. I’m a big fan of automatic lights everywhere (e.g. hallway strip lighting) and I even like the idea of light up toilet seats if that helps people feel more comfortable and safe.

Promenaid black railing with antique brass fittings. Safe and attractive!

Grab Bars. Another simple but very effective device that we install a lot of. They can be a little trickier for the home owner to do themselves as they should be firmly attached and close to the bath or shower. Want to avoid the hospital look? We like to install the Promenaid line because they can be beautiful as well as useful.

Lots of different patterns and designs for non-slip bath strips.

Non-slip bath strips. Not only do these make your tub or shower safer, they look great! Lots of beautiful patterns and designs out there and they are also simple to install. Every tub or shower should have them.

There you are. A few suggestions that will make your bathroom a lot safer while making sure it stays attractive. All easily done!