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Scope Baseline

November 13th, 2018   •   no comments   

The three components of a project’s scope baseline are:

a.  Requirements documentation, scope statement, activity list

b.  Requirement documentation, technical specifications, scope statement

c.  WBS, scope statement and WBS dictionary

d.  Scope statement, WBS, requirements documentation

This is a common question on the exam and confuses people because they might use different terms in their offices.  The “scope baseline” is the final, approved, signed off scope of the project.  It can be changed in the future but only by going through change management.  It is comprised of the scope statement (PMI’s general term for various scope documents like a technical spec, etc.), the WBS and the WBS dictionary (which is a more detailed outline of what is in each work package).

Therefore the answer to the question is “c”.